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The Channel Master FM antenna is a high-quality FM antenna capable of receiving FM radio signals from broadcast towers located more than 50 miles away.

• Made in the USA
• Optimized for receiving standard FM and HD Radio signal reception.

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Channel Master’s FM antenna is designed to be mounted outdoors The antenna is equipped with a heavy-duty matching transformer which allows you to run coaxial cable from the antenna to any audio receiver or FM radio that supports the connection of an external FM antenna.  (Connecting to an audio receiver may require an adapter that will convert from a coaxial cable to whatever port is on the device.  This is not included, you will need to purchase this separately.)

As with all Channel Master products, the quality of materials and product craftsmanship is our highest priority. The FM antenna is assembled and packaged at Channel Master’s Chandler, Arizona corporate headquarters. The antenna boom and elements are made from high-quality 6061 and 6063 aluminum and extruded, cut, and drilled in the United States. The FM antenna’s design is intended to reduce the amount of plastic required; however, a few plastic parts on the antenna, are injection modeled locally from high-quality UV-resistant ASA and PVC materials.

Electrical Specifications

• Bandwidth: 88-108 MHz
• Impedance: 75 Ohm

Mechanical Specifications

• Boom Length: 17″
• Number of Elements: 2
• Max. Element Width: 32.5 in.
• Mounting Bracket: Supports up to 2″ diameter Mast/Pole
• Connector: F Type
• Size (product): 17 x 66.5 x 1.36 (Not including mount)
• Size (packaging):  37.75 x 9.85 x 3.25 in
• Weight (product): 1.8 lb
• Weight (packaging): 3.6 lb


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