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The perfect soldering 200W/260W gun for bringing professional quality and efficient heat to the serious user. The Weller D550 heats in just 6 seconds!

  • Weller® Professional Dual-Watt Soldering Gun, 200W/260W
  • Dual-heat wattage gun, 900 deg. F / 1100 deg. F
  • Fingertip trigger selects high (1st trigger position) or low output (2nd trigger position)
  • Heavy-gauge, high efficiency, tin-plated copper tip
  • Twin lights illuminate work
  • Ready to use in 6 seconds
  • Voltage Input 120V
  • UL Listed

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The Weller D550PK Soldering Gun reaches its full heat of 900-1100° F in just 6 seconds, using 260W or 200W of power depending on the adjustable heat setting, to save you time on longer jobs.

Clear Lights Provide Illumination: Two front-facing LED’s provide bright illumination on either side of the tip, helping you solder in dark spots and preventing your shadow from impeding your work.

The Weller D550 Soldering Gun Kit contains the following:

1 x 200w/260w Soldering Gun
1 x HD Plastic Case
1 x Lead-Free Solder
1 x 2 Tips (1 x smoothing tip & 1 x cutting tip)

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