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100MHz x1 x10 SCOPE PROBE


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Built-in 2 Position Switch; X1; X10; Complete w/ Accessories Fits All Scopes w/ BNC Connector Compensation Range 10 to 35pF. Includes MiniGrabber; Insulating Tip; Adjusting Tool; Channel Identifier Clips and IC Tip Length – 60

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  • POSITION – X10
  • Attenuation Ratio 10:1
  • Bandwith DC to 100MHz
  • Rise Time 2.8 nS
  • Input Impedance 10M ohm when used with oscilloscopes with 1M ohm input
  • Input Capacitance Approx. 16pF
  • Compensation Range 10 to 35pF
  • Compensation Range 10 to 35pF
  • Working Voltage 600V CAT I; 300V CAT II (DC + peak AC) derating with frequency
  • Attenuation Ratio 1:1
  • Bandwidth DC to 15MHz
  • Rise Time 27nS
  • Input Impedance 1M ohm (oscilloscope input)
  • Input Capacitance 46pF plus oscilloscope capacitance
  • Working Voltage 300V CAT I; 150V CAT II (DC + peak AC) derating with frequency
  • Operating Temperature -50 F (-10 C) to 131 F (55 C)
  • Humidity 85% RH or less (at 95 F/ 35C)
  • Safety Meets EN61010-031 CATII


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