The Channel Master Professional-Grade Antenna Port terminator is specifically designed for over-the-air antenna systems to help reduce noise and signal interference issues.

• Optimized for maximum performance
• Designed to provide the highest RF return loss
• Average return loss is greater than 40dB
• Weather-resistant all-metal design

* Only available in Puerto Rico


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Port terminators are recommended for use on all unused ports in a TV antenna or cable TV installation. Unused ports in an antenna TV or cable TV network can cause significant signal degradation by allowing other radio frequency signals to leak in the system and interfere with the TV signals. Signals such as cellular LTE signals, Wifi signals, and other IoT wireless device signals can all interfere with your TV antenna signals if they both co-exist on the same coaxial cable network. In addition to other signal interference, appliances and other electrical devices can also produce RF noise which can also leak into the coaxial cable network and also cause problems with your TV antenna signals.

If you are currently having signal issues with our over the air TV antenna setup or you simply want to avoid long term issues, we highly recommend adding the Channel Master Professional-Grade Antenna Port terminator on all unused ports on splitters, amplifiers, and wall plates in your antenna systems coaxial cable network. There are a lot of low-cost RF terminator options on the market and some are better than others when it comes to actual construction quality and performance. The Channel Master Professional-Grade Antenna Port Terminator was designed for professionals and those who are seeking the highest quality components for their antenna installation.

• Professional-Grade design for use with OTA antenna systems, cable TV, and satellite
• F-Type Male connector that is easy to install on all standard F-81/F-61 coaxial ports
• 75Ohm Impedance and Industry-leading 40dB RF return loss
• Supports frequencies up to 3Ghz
• Compatible with all Channel Master amplifiers and splitters
• Incorporates a DC Voltage withstand of up to 100v which is ideal for use with TV antenna cable
networks that use DC voltage over the coaxial cable to power amplifiers and other accessories.

Electrical Specifications
• Item CM-7100
• Impedance 75 Ohm
• Frequency Range 5 – 3000 MHz
• Return Loss (<1000MHz) 40 dB (min)
• Return Loss (<3000MHz) 25 dB (min)
• DC Blocking Yes
• DC Voltage Withstanding DC 100 V (max)
• Connector Male “F” type
• Dimensions 16 x 34.35 mm
• Net Weight 32.8g

* Only available in Puerto Rico


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