Motor PWM Solderless Breadboard Kit


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• All of the components to build the circuit
• Solderless breadboard & PCB with wires
• DC motor

3 in stock


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This solderless breadboard kit has been designed for a PWM motor driver. This circuit will generate a PWM signal that is fed to a transistor motor driver. PWM mode is acquired by going into astable mode and varying the duty cycle via the potentiometer. The output can control a DC motor from 5% to 95% ON. A small DC motor is included with this kit.

This circuit has been designed around the LM555 Timer IC and is for experimenters who can read a schematic, there are no specific instructions for the layout.

Assembly Notes: No special layout concerns are required. Do not exceed the current handling limits of the TIP31C power transistor. Use a small DC Motor rated for the voltage you will use. Do not use a motor with more than a 1 Amp rating. Make sure the diodes are placed correctly.

You will get all of the components to build the circuit, plus a solderless breadboard with wires, and you will get a 162-Hole prototype PCB so that after you breadboard the circuit, you can build a permanent version.

Variations: You can change C1 to change the PWM frequency. A stronger transistor can drive bigger loads.

You will need tools, such as wire cutters, soldering iron, solder, etc. This circuit will run off a 9v battery which is not supplied.


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