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The Daiwa SS-505 Switching Power Supply features variable voltage outputs from 5-15V DC at 50 amps continuous duty and 55 amps surge. Their full 50 amp rating is available at ALL operating voltages!

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Safety features such as automatic cut-off at 56 amps help to protect the power supply. Convenient front panel output posts allow for easy hookup, and a front cigarette lighter socket makes connecting portable and mobile equipment a snap! Their front panel multi-meter indicates voltage or current as needed.

These Daiwa power supplies include an internal cooling fan, a detachable AC power cord, a carry handle, and rubber cushions around the front and rear panels for convenient portability.

Power Supply Type: Switching
Power Supply Continuous Output: 50A at 15.0 Vdc
Power Supply Peak Output: 55A at 13.8 Vdc
Battery Backup: No
Power Supply Voltage Adjustment Control: Front panel
Power Supply Voltage Adjustment Range: 5.0-15.0 Vdc
Power Supply Metering Type: Multi-meter
Power Supply High Current Terminal Location: Front/Rear panel
Power Supply Lighter Socket: Yes
Power Supply Cooling Type: Fan
Power Supply Width: 9.000 in.
Power Supply Height: 5.000 in.
Power Supply Depth: 12.500 in.
Power Supply Weight: 8.25 lbs.
Notes: 230 volt operation requires moving an internal jumper and changing or adapting the power plug.


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