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ONE Antenna Capable of VHF & AM/FM operations.

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New technology has arrived in the marine radio antenna market with our VHF/AM/FM combo marine radio antenna! A combination of VHF and AM/FM marine radio antenna that does not require any external power source and works as simple as you would expect. Simply plug each of the attached high-grade cables into the corresponding marine radio to immediately begin use. Save space on your boat with the only combo marine radio antenna in the market with a passive design that does not cut out your music while you cue up the VHF.

Premium Build Made by hand with high attention to detail.

Multi-Band Capable Works without compromise on VHF & AM/FM radio bands.

Brass Radiators Quality brass internal radiators for the best RF performance.

Low Loss Cable Two ultra-flexible, dual shielded cable.

High Gain High-performance 6dBi gain on the VHF radio band.

Technical Specs
Frequency 156-162MHz (VHF) / 540-1600KHz (AM) / 88.1-108.1MHz (FM)
Gain 6 dBi
Water Surface-Enhanced Gain 7/9 dBi
Max Power 75 Watts
SWR 1.4:1 AVG
Bandwidth 6 MHz
Signal Polarization Vertical
Impedance 50 Ohms
Lightning DC Grounded
Overall Length  8′
Ferrule Base Stainless Steel
Cable Dual Shield, Low Loss
Cable Length 15 Feet
Connector ProConnect PL-259 UHF / Motorola Male
Color White
Warranty 3 Years
Assembly Made In USA


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