Ortur Y-axis Rotary Chuck for Laser Engraver (YRC1.0)


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  • Multi-mode Y-axis Rotary Chuck.
  • The elevation angle can be adjusted 180°, the rotation is 360° without disassembly.
  • Can be used to rings, cups with handles or irregular items, etc.
  • Engraving accuracy 0.45°, engraving diameter range up to 120mm.
  • Aluminum alloy material, one-piece structure.
  • Easy to install, sturdy and reliable.

4 in stock


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  • Multi-mode Function – ORTUR YRC1.0 Y-axis Rotary Chuck can not only be used for chuck rotary and ring rotary, but also sphere rotary, which is suitable for more than 90% daily use cylindrical objects. Come and join ORTUR users to unleash your creativity on almost all round objects via ORTUR Y-axis rotary chuck, such as wine glass, tumbler, baseball and its bat, ring, ball, or mug with handle.
  • The Most Humanized Design – ORTUR YRC1.0 Y-axis Rotary Chuck is in “all-in-one” framework structure. The engraving speed can maintain ultra-high precision and stability at 360°per sec. It supports 180° angle adjustment and 360° rotation engraving of various beverage cans, baseballs, goblets, wine bottles, and other cylindrical and irregular items.
  • Perfect for Engraving Different Sizes of Objects – You can extend and shrink the size that you want by scrolling the chuck or assemble the jaw on different holes. Ortur Y-axis rotary chuck engraving diameter range is from 1mm to 120mm. The sphere is from 25mm to 150mm and the ring is from 11mm to 100mm, which makes it possible for you to achieve your creativity on most cylindrical objects.
  • Wide Compatibility – ORTUR YRC1.0 Y-axis Rotary Chuck is compatible with all ORTUR laser engravers and most laser engravers on the market. The Y-axis Rotary Chuck is also compatible with various software, such as Laser Explorer, LaserGRBL or LightBurn, supports Windows from XP to10 / Mac OS / Linux.
  • Easy to Use – Just 4 steps to finish the installation: 1. Expand or shrink the chuck; 2. Install/Change the jaw; 3. Assemble the tailstock; 4.Adjust the chuck angle. ORTUR also provide friendly customer service and professional technical support to help you to do the trouebleshooting at any time.
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