Ortur Laser Engraving Platform


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  • Protect the desktop from damage
  • Fast heat dissipation, exhaust smoke left and right
  • Get clean engraving & cutting & results

7 in stock


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  • Thick All-metal Structure – ORTUR engraving platform is in all-metal structure and high-precision CNC processing, which makes it in high flatness and strong structure. It is not easy to deform and shift. The weight of the engraving platform is 1.75KG, which is 50% lighter than honeycomb laser bed.
  • Fast Heat Dissipation – The size of the square notch is scientifically calculated, which can make the engraving object get fast heat dissipation during the engraving process to ensure that the cutting edge is more refined and avoid the burning of the engraving object due to excessive temperature. The smoke from the square slot will flow out, and it will not turn yellow. So there is no need for any backing plate.
  • Worldwide First Spliceable Engraving Working Pannel – ORTUR engraving platform has a anti-skid metal fixture design with movable fixed corner, which not only can fix various sizes of carvings, but also can quickly adjust any position to make the dream – quickly engrave batches of items come true. The spliceable design makes it possible that assemble two engraving platforms together to meet your needs of different sizes.
  • Give the Desk Double Protection – ORTUR honeycomb working panel adopts scientific and reasonable honeycomb height size design to prevent laser burning workbench or desktop. At the same time, it is equipped with anti-cutting metal protective backing board, which can further protect the desktop from laser damage.engraving machine, which makes it become a perfect accessory for most laser engraver.
  • Protect the Laser Module – In the laser cutting operation, ORTUR laser engraving platform is used to prevent the laser reflection from damaging the laser head during the cutting process and prolong the service life of the laser module. This engraving working panel is compatible with most laser engraving machines such as diode DIY laser engraving machine, fiber and CO2 laser engraving machine, as long as the size is appropriate.
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