Ortur Air Pump 1.0 for LU2-4 LF & LU2-10A


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  • Air Output: 50L/Min.
  • Used to clean the smoke and cutting residue generated and to obtain clean and clear edges.
  • Improves cutting power and better protects the laser lens.
  • Applicable with Ortur LU2-4 LF & LU2-10A laser module.

8 in stock


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  •  Use with – The 50L/min air assist pump is applicable with Ortur laser master 3 and LU2-4 LF laser module.
  • Cut Deeper & Faster – ORTUR air assist set is used for laser engraver deeper and faster cutting, large and stable air blows away smoke and debris generated during laser engraving machine working, helping laser engraver to cut faster and deeper.
  • Clean Surface & Smooth Edge – ORTUR air assist set uses air to quickly reduce the temperature of the cut material surface, preventing distortion and discoloration due to high temperatures, ensuring smooth lines,complete patterns, and clean material surfaces.
  • Keep Low Noise & Vibration – ORTUR air assist set has the advantages of low noise and vibration. The vibration generated by the air-assisted device, during the laser cutter working process will not affect the positioning of the laser head, ensuring continuous cutting of lines and complete patterns
  • Protect Laser Head] – ORTUR air assist set has a stable air output system that blows away the acceptable debris and smoke generated during the laser head’s work, protecting the laser head’s lens from contamination and extending the laser head’s service life


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