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This 4 dipole array looks like many others on the market. However it is a design chosen and design optimized to our spec after months of field testing and outdoor range testing with lab equipment. This antenna model 7TV1007 is TruGain.com certified for real performance.

Excellent solid performance across Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands HDTV band!

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While using a minimum of plastic parts (which on most antennas gets brittle after 3 years sun exposure) we mold the parts with extra anti UV protection. Plus we stand behind it and will provide free plastic parts if ever needed. We have been around since 1991 so you can bet this is a true parts availability you can count on. This is a heavy duty antenna will survive 100MPH winds too.

It comes boxed in a strong shipping box made in the USA not a flimsy carton that is getting crushed on the way to your door. It has an F female connector input. It attaches to typical TV antenna masts or a DSS J-pole mast too. These antennas are good for 100 miles of range if placed up 20 feet or more, and no obstructions to the signal are encountered.

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