These CP-5M Mobile Antenna Lip Mounts offer adjustability and over 16 ft. of deluxe low-loss cable assembly, the first 18 in. of which is mini coax to help you route through the weather seal more easily.

  • Max. Power: HF: 100W • VHF: 75W • UHF: 50W
  • Connection Type: PL-259 (UHF Male)


“The mini coax is neither RG-188 nor RG-174. It is actually 1.5D-QEFV Japanese coax. Comet states it is ‘RG-174 type’ coax because they have similar loss and diameter specifications. Initially RG-188 was used in comparison but was changed to the RG-174 comparison because they are more similar. The balance of the coax is Japanese 3.5D-QEFV. There is no ‘RG’ equivalent to 3.5D-QEFV. RG-58 connectors will not fit the 3.5D-QEFV coax, the Comet coax has a larger outside diameter and a larger central core and has about 30 percent less loss than RG-58. All of the coax cables produced by Comet use the Comet (Japanese) low loss coax. Mick Stwertnik – NCG Company”