The HD-5M Mobile Antenna Adjustable Lip Mount create the perfect pairing for your antenna support. Combining their RS-840 bracket and CK-3M5 deluxe coax cable assembly, these Comet HD-5M lip mounts offer a quality appearance with low-loss coax balance and easy installation.

The mounts adjust in three planes, have a soft rubber pad to protect your vehicle’s paint, and are held firmly in place with four large set screws. The first 18 in. of coax is mini-type for a better fit through the weather seal, and the coax cable is fitted with 24k gold-plated SO-239 and PL-239 connectors.

  • Max. Power: HF: 200W SSB, VHF: 75W FM, UHF: 50W FM
  • Connection Type: PL-259 (UHF Male)


Includes an 18 in. length of RG-174 type coax cable for easy pass through the weather seal.