Duplexer CF-142: 1.3-150 MHz Low Pass, 200-480 MHz HIGH PASS, 40 dB Isolation, Each


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• Low Pass Frequency Coverage: 1.3-150 MHz
• High Pass Frequency Coverage: 200-480 MHz
• Low Pass Loss: 0.2 dB
• High Pass Loss: 0.3 dB
• Low Pass PEP: 600 watts
• High Pass PEP: 400 watts
• Isolation: 40 dB
• Mix Connector: UHF female, SO-239
• Low Pass Port Connector Type: UHF male, PL-259
• High Pass Port Connector Type: UHF male, PL-259

3 in stock


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If you are in need of splitting off your HF, VHF, or UHF signals, then Comet Duplexers are what you are looking for.

Sometimes referred to as combiners or splitters, these duplexers are basically band-pass filters, simultaneously passing RF in both directions through the common connector, while the band-pass filters provide a high degree of isolation between ports.

Additional information:

* TX and RX from two radios at the same time into a dual-band antenna.
* Combine a dual-band radio with separate outputs into a dual-band antenna.
* Separate a single connector duplexed radio into separate antenna systems.
* Allow a single coax run into two antennas at the top of the tower, and two radios at the bottom by using a duplexer at both ends of the coax run, avoiding additional coaxial cost and weight.

Just imagine the utility of these devices for splitting or combining signals- and adding convenience and cost savings. Order Comet Duplexers from Alpha!


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