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The HFJ-350M Toy Box has a convenient roll-up kit with extra slots and pockets to store accessories like adapters and a counter-poise. Unroll the case and decide how you will “play radio” portable!
• 9 bands (80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6M)
• Portable, telescoping HF antenna
• Telescoping section for fine-tuning SWR

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Comet Antenna HFJ-350 Series are Multi-Band Portable Telescopic Antennas that bring new flexibility to portable operations. The combination of the base coil with five taps and a plug wire along with the 10-section telescopic whip top section provides a lightweight antenna that is easy to use. Make a quick manual change of the plug tap connection and whip length to tune any HF band. The antenna UHF base includes a side terminal for your counterpoise connection. A base coil section provides the additional band capability. Use on your UHF mount or adapter with a counterpoise wire and tuner for best results.

Frequency: 3.5 – 50 MHz (9 bands)
Max. Power: 75 W PEP SSB on 3.5 MHz; 100 W SSB PEP 7.0 – 50 MHz
Length: Min. 14.57 in. (370 mm), Max. 63.39 in. (1610 mm)
Weight: Approx. 0.55 lbs. (245 g)
Antenna Base Mount Type: UHF (PL-259 style)

HFJ-350MTOYBX “Toy Box”
Portable, 10 band telescoping HF Antenna
160/80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6M bands
Max. Power: 75 W PEP SSB on 1.8 and 3.5 MHz; 100 W SSB PEP 7.0 – 50 MHz
Min Length: 14.25 in. approx
Max Length: 75. in. approx
Weight: 0.89 lbs.
Antenna Base Mount Type: UHF (PL-259 style)


• Unscrews into 3-sections for convenient portable operation, appr 8.5 inches in length
• Middle section is for 80M and only installed when operating that band
• Ground wire lug at the bottom of the antenna for attaching your counter-poise

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