Comet CA-52HB4 Wide Band 6 Meter Beam Antennas offer full band coverage in a compact and lightweight Yagi that is designed to be mounted horizontally and is optimized for 50 to 52 MHz weak-signal SSB, CW, and digital mode operations.

CA-52HB4 beams produce a gain of 6.3 dBi (4.2 dBd) with a very low SWR, under 1.5:1 across the 50-53.5 MHz range, achieved with a special dual-driven element system that allows operation without an antenna tuner. Ruggedly constructed with aluminum elements and boom, and stainless steel hardware, these antennas have a wind survival rating of 75 MPH. , built to be mounted horizontally only, not vertically.

CA-52HB4 beams handle 400 watts PEP SSB and 200 watts CW, but they are wide-banded so they can be used up the band in the FM mode, for flexible base or portable operations.

VHF/UHF Beam Antenna Type: Yagi
VHF/UHF Beam Antenna Elements: 4
Antenna Power Rating: 400 W
Beam Antenna Boom Length: 10.50 ft.
Beam Antenna Turning Radius: 7.33 ft
Mast Mounting Clamp Minimum: 1.250 in.
Mast Mounting Clamp Maximum: 2.500 in.
Wind Surface Area: 0.619 sq. ft.
Beam Antenna Frequency Coverage: 50-54 MHz
Feedpoint Impedance: 50 ohm
Feedpoint Match Type: Phased driven element divider
Antenna Feedline Connection Type: UHF female, SO-239
VHF/UHF Beam Antenna Bands: 6 meters
VHF/UHF Beam Antenna Elements (app): 4
Beam Antenna Gain: 6.4 dBi
Beam Antenna F/B (dB): 24.0 dB
H-Plane 3 dB Beamwidth: 65 degrees
Bandwidth at 2:1 SWR: Over 4.0 MHz
Typical Beam Polarization: Horizontal (SSB CW)
Beam Antenna Boom Wavelength: 0.1

This beam cannot be mounted vertically, even though it can be operated on the FM portion of the 6-meter band.