Comet 1.8 – 50 MHz Manual Antenna Tuner CAT-300


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The Comet CAT-300 is a versatile and compact portable tuner with an attractive precision cross-meter. It simultaneously measures forward power, reflected power and Standing Wave Ratio (SWR).
• Illuminated for easy viewing
• Push-button switches select Average or PEP in 30 or 300-watt ranges

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The Cat-300 handles up to 300 watts PEP SSB and can be used to tune dipole, vertical, mobile whip, long wire, and other types of antennas on the 160-6 meter amateur bands. Two rear panel SO-239s and a binding post for a long wire provide antenna connections. The tuning range is maximized with two variable capacitors “TR Tune” and “X Tune” and is simplified with a “Band” inductor selector labeled by Amateur frequencies.


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