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The UV lights cause materials such as bacteria, urine, seminal fluids, and blood, to “fluoresce,” so that the naked eye can detect them.
• Test surfaces especially when there is a disease outbreak
• Use in healthcare and food-service facilities
• Gemstone and mineral inspection
• Counterfeit bills/IDs detection
• Spot leaks during auto or HVAC repairs
• Crime scene investigation.
• Arson detection
• Admission / Access or Crowd Control

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The industry standard ECG brand is now offering this high-quality LED ultraviolet blacklight
flashlight (A27010). Constructed with an Air-craft grade aluminum-alloy body and anti-abrasive
anodizing surface treatment, this lightweight and durable blacklight flashlight uses 51 UV
LEDs, which are 30% brighter than other lights, allowing detection of a larger area with a
brighter light.

Uses 3 AA standard alkaline batteries (not included). Rechargeable batteries are not recommended! Improper usage of batteries, or using poor quality batteries, could cause a safety hazard. We recommend using reliable, quality batteries.

• Material: Aluminum Alloy
• Size: 5.74 x 2.20 x 1.38 inches
• Weight: 6.38 ounces / 181g
• Battery: 3*AA (not included)
• LED: 51 UV LED (UV395-400nm)
• Voltage: 4.5V
• Discharge Time: 6-8 hours
• Color: Black

Uses for UV flashlight?
• Test surfaces especially when there is a disease outbreak (surfaces on furniture or appliances).
• Checking hotel rooms for cleanliness.
• Rodent control (warehouses, storerooms, etc…)
• Locate pet urine sources.
• Forgery analysis (banknotes, standard checks, credit cards have an invisible imprint on the front).
• Automotive leak detection
• Crime scene inspection (blood, urine, semen, and saliva can present visible fluorescence).
• Artwork inspection (shows overpainting or retouching and identify types of stains).
• Admission / Access or  Crowd Control (readmission inks can be read easily by UV light).
• Checking for pet and rodent urine stains • Mineral & gemstone observation
• Searching for insects and reptiles (e.g. scorpions)
• Forensics & counterfeit verification


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