LED Voltage Display Board DC 5-120V 0.56 Inch 2-line


• This voltmeter is suitable for almost all electric vehicles
• Start working voltage, red 5V, green 5V, blue to low 5V
• Use measurement voltage as a power supply
• Measurement range: DC5V-120V



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Use our digital voltage gauge to accurately measure voltage, a 2-line design, which is convenient for wiring and reverse connection protection. Withstand voltage 132V without burning
*No external power supply -use measurement voltage as a power supply.
*Bright and clear LED display panel for easy reading. The automatic movement display is convenient.
*When there are a small amount of errors, the potentiometer on the circuit board is calibrated.
*High measurement accuracy, good stability, and convenient installation.

Model: ALP305
Measurement range: Red DC5-120.0V, Green DC5-120.0V, Blue DC5-120.0V
Power supply scope: No need to supply a power supply, directly use the test voltage as the power supply, the range is the same as above
Maximum input: DC132V. Note: Input voltage higher than 132V may be damaged!
Allow error: ±1%;
Input impedance:> 100KΩ
Work current: red <23ma, green <18mA, blue <13ma
Refresh speed: about 300ms once
Display: Three-bit “0.56” LED digital tube
Show color: red, green, blue optional
Line length: 20cm
Dimensions: 48 x 29 x 22 mm, long x wide x thick;
Open hole size: 46 x 27mm
Net weight: 18g
Working temperature: -20℃~65℃


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