PolyTerra™ PLA – Red


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PolyTerra™️ PLA is a bioplastic-based 3d printing filament designed from the ground up to create the next generation of PLA, providing ease of use, printing quality, speed, and reliability.

• Matte Finish
• Easy to paint
• Smooth Surface Finish
• Easy self-support removal
• Come in 33 different colors
• Easy to sand (compare to regular PLA)

4 in stock


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Reduced plastic content

PolyTerra PLA is a bioplastic 3D printing filament in which organic materials have been combined with PLA to reduce the plastic content and develop a more environmentally friendly filament.

Easy processing

PolyTerra prints just like PLA, so no print settings need to be changed and the overhang and bridging functions can even outperform PLA. With a wide printing temperature range from 190 to 230 ° C, PolyTerra can be processed on any extrusion-based 3D printer.

Versatile use

The mechanical properties of PolyTerra offer a wide range of possible applications as the material is tougher than normal PLA and still retains good rigidity. Both figures and fixtures can be printed with excellent results.

Manufacturer: Polymaker
Filament Diameter: 0.070″ (1.75mm)
Weight: 2.205 lb (1.00 kg)

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