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The new Creality CL-60 allows you to print more different sizes of models. Adaptable for dental modules & samples, suitable for 3d printing business start-ups and 3d printing manufacturers!

• NEW Light Source Structure
• New high agility slicing system
• WIFI-APP intelligent control
• Smart Operation System -Linux
• Packed with a 120W power supply
• 5-inch high definition colorful touch screen
• OTA online upgrade

Out of stock

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👍The self-developed integral light source, High precision

The self-developed optical system of the new generation adopts the light principle of reflection + refraction to make the light intensity distribution of the whole screen uniform, and each dimension of the model with consistent accuracy.

👍Integral light source

The light will be projected evenly on the printing screen through the principle of refraction and reflection of light to achieve high-precision and uniform printing.

👍The high-performance mainboard and Big data image processing capabilities

The self-developed mainboard of a new generation boasts the main control chip equipped with the ARMCortex™-M4 pro-cessor to embrace a strong computing capability and data processing capability, realize leapfrog upgrade, and greatly reduce the power consumption.

👍OTA online upgrade

Supports OTA online upgrade and continuously introduces new features to quickly improve the user experience.

Product Parameters
Machine size:221*221*404mm
Print size:127*80*160mm
Engine noise:< 60dB
Auto-leveling:Easy manual leveling
Machine Weight:7.1kg
Package Weight:8.8kg
Input voltage:100-240V
Power Output:24V, 1.3A
Package size:295*295*545mm
Power supply:100W
XY-axis precision:0.051mm
UI style:Creality UI Style

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